Business Litigation & Construction

Business Litigation

Our office understands the complexities of business litigation. At the end of the day, we understand what it takes to make sure that you make an informed decision on litigation. Litigation is expensive, and we can help you navigate the decision making process at each step of the way. From a disagreement with a customer to a lawsuit with a competitor, a business dispute can remove your focus from your business and making sure it is successful. We understand how to help you know when to fight and when to come to an amicable resolution – always keeping your business goals at the forefront.


Our firm understands the complexities of construction. The contract should protect you – the contractor – because your time and resources are valuable. You need to know that when you perform the work, you will actually get paid. Our office can help you navigate the lien process and understand when litigation and alternative dispute resolution is necessary. We serve you, the general contractor, the subcontractor and the vendor. We know what you need to do and when. We take the worry off your shoulders so that you can do what you do best – build for tomorrow.